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Hello officers!

I'm happy to invite you to try out Police Stories Alpha 2. This Open Alpha update features 3 levels, one of which is available in Open Alpha for the first time.This version also includes some of the new mechanics we worked on as long with 3 kinds of enemies, each having different difficulty and weapon set.

This is the final update for our Open Alpha before the game release. Keep in mind that this is the Alpha version of the game, so it might contain bugs. We encourage you to report all the bugs and other problems you might encounter during your playtime.

This version of Police Stories has 3 levels and 3 kinds of enemies. Each type of enemy has different weaponry and difficulty. We also made sure to add some new equipment to play with. Including brand new Heavy Ammo that pierces through doors.

Full version of the game will have lots of equipment to choose from, an online co-op and a story mode on release.
Thank you for playing our Open Alpha!


PoliceStoriesAlpha2.zip 33 MB
Oct 13, 2018

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Yes it's an verry impressive game! But also how do you play multiplayer? I seen many peoples playing multiplayer

Multiplayer is only available to the Kickstarter backers till release.


Really good game.