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Just played this demo and loved it- such a beautiful combination of Slavic folklore and fun gameplay! The world and story have such a wonderful dark ambiance to them, it's a game that draws you in and doesn't let you leave. If I had to pick one flaw, though, the characters are a bit flat (but then again, I've only been with them for the demo so far). Will buy this game and play the full version on Steam- can't wait to keep playing!

Thanks for the experience! :)

When can we buy the add-pack on gog or seperately on itch.

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great  jobs

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It's really crappy of you to advertise your game here, but not sell it here. Offering a demo here costs you nothing, but costs for hosting. If everyone put their demos here, but refused to sell here, then would disappear. You're taking advantage of and the indie game community without offering anything in return. It's super easy to upload games here, and the only reason not to do it is because you don't think we're worth the effort.


Hi there! 

The Gameplay Trailer is amazing, but the MAC version is NOT working (I'm on macOS Catalina 10.15.7)


Beautiful game :D


Please fix the grammar in the opening scene, the correct usage of "Its/It's" would be "Its" in the case of the Seals otherwise you've written "of It is seals" so you mean to write "Its" and not "It's" please fix this before the launch of the game. Secondly; outside of that one grammar error I noticed, this is a very promising game and I look forward to seeing it on PS4 if possible, but will get it on Steam (PC) if I can't get it on the PlayStation 4. I think your opening scene could be worked on slightly; in that the dialogue could be overhauled, it seems very clunky in what it's trying to say "Then a terrible thing happened." is something a child would say, you should have him say "Then a great misfortune befell them." since you're going with the 1800s theme, you ought to have it read like that too. Merely a suggestion/constructive criticism. Other than that, I love the gameplay, artwork, music and graphics. I especially love the artwork for how it's used. It's used just the right amount.

I love the Point and Click aspect too. You've created a unique game and I hope it's prosperous. Can't wait for it to come out!


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Great game. Loved the atmosphere and the aesthetics. The cards are so original. Like the idea that You used Slavic mythology.

oooh very good

:P love it!

i am in love with this game! i so can't wait to purchase the full release ^.^ 


Holy crap, I've never encountered such an interesting game before!
I really loved the prologue and waiting for more! It's so rare that I am willing to buy any game!

I've just played through the first part to become a witch. Enjoying it so far, although it's taking a bit of time to get my head around the 'words' and 'keys'. Looking forward to the rest.

The second part of my playthrough is now on YouTube. Felt like I was getting the hang of using the cards by the end and enjoying the way you are encouraged to learn about the world. Looking forward to more...

It was a nice ending with a bunch of great mechanics (this is prt 2 btw i wanted to 100% the demo). Really enjoyed myself, well done

super cool


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vids on the game:


1. The concept is amazing! I wanted to see something based on russian legends and folklore for a long time! Being a russian gal, I can tell that the stuff that I have seen in the demo is pretty accurate and the player can really get the feeling of the old russian times. It reminded me a lot of the cartoons of my childhood: The Three Bogatyrs and Prince Vladimir. I love this project!

2. The battles are well-thought. I enjoy every element of them: animations are smooth and magical, the concept of spell-choosing is not new but is very well designed, enemies are different and I hope to see a vast variety of them in the full game.

3. The last but not least - the art style is very pleasing to look at. I think it is perfect for a game like this.


1. There are bugs here and there. The first fence (you can see that in the first video) in some places gets you stuck and in the other places you can go right through it.

2. I guess the main character doesn't really look like a stereotypical russian Vasilisa who should be fair and blue-eyed. It's not bad that the character is a bit different, it's just I expected something like this, I guess:

3. It would be nice to include a tutorial with examples on what do some cards mean. I didn't understand how "firm" works and what is that. Though, I didn't get a chance to use it because during the demo you don't really have time to figure out everything.

Overall: a wonderful, awesome experience! A very nice combination of open maps, choices from the text and combat. I can't wait for the full game, definitely buying it! 5/5

Hope my feedback was useful!


What a great demo devs. I really enjoyed play Black Book : Prologue. and am certainly looking forward to updates/full release. 

It took me a few attempts to kill the demon in the winmill though

Good Luck



Hey did you know that if you spam the dmg/round then you can keep using defence and still do damage

Hey dev,
This game is awesome, I love the emphasis on story and world building here. Some of the dialogue is a bit cheesy but not to the point that it takes away from the game. I included your game on my round up of my favorite games I played this week, so keep up the great work! Looking forward to the full release!
- Elit3hoboguy

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I like the game. Keep up the good work!


can i run it on windows 7 ultimate (32 bit) ?

nice game...loved it!, waiting for next updates :D

when did this come out?


This was such a nice little card RPG that has a lot of neat things going on. You play as a witch that gets the ability to deal with demons, which thus makes you the go to for all demon problems in the area. Combat is handled with cards or "words" that allow you to use different abilities to defeat demons. But dialogue and quests require that you read folk stories and talk to characters so you can learn all there is to know about demons. There's frequent knowledge checks where you get free XP if you've been paying attention. Overall a neat idea, can't wait for the full release!

I'm always down to play a good rpg and i like that this one has a dark fantasy vibe to it. I can the magic system being really cool, I was trying to figure combination here and there. Overall great prologue for your game I'm more interested to see where this goes and how the full game will be. 

This is fantastic, i wish the full game was out already haha.

very nice! Love games where my choice changes the outcome of the game. Plus grandpa crack me up lol i'm not done with the prologue yet so expect a second video!


Cool game!


dude it looks so fuckin good holy shitttt

-excuse my language

Not my kind of game but this game looks great. :)