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What would you do if you were provided with your very own art studio? SuchArt: Creative Space gives you an opportunity to find that out!

Let your imagination run wild and paint whatever you want, complete commissions, decorate the studio with your art and furniture, buy tools and experiment with them — you’ve got 3 rooms and an infinite amount of time, and only you decide how to handle them!

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  • REALISTIC PAINTING - Painting in SuchArt feels just like in real life, but without the downsides. Colors mix as you would naturally expect them to, so you can easily achieve the result you dreamed about. Paint has a realistic texture, and each instrument alters it a bit with different strokes. There’s plenty of instruments to choose from: brushes, palette knives, stencils or even flamethrowers to create your next masterpiece.

  • SELL YOUR ART - Sell your paintings at the marketplace, fulfill all your clients' orders, and receive a generous commission, or maybe a gift!

  • BUY VARIOUS ITEMS - Spend your hard-earned credits in the brand new shop, where you can get multiple painting tools, furniture and decorative items.

  • DECORATE YOUR STUDIO - Paint the walls and the floor, place furniture and decorative items wherever you want, and turn the space you own into something completely new — make yourself at home!

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Role Playing
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Casual, Cute, Exploration, First-Person, Funny, Singleplayer, Unity


SuchArt_CS_2021_05_21_Itch.zip 802 MB


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very fun! the controls are a bit weird, but nothing too bad!

If you get it on steam, the controls are really good! I thought this was gonna start out bad BUT THIS GAME IS AMAZING, plus the music!


So will the full version of the game  be dropping  here or just Steam?

I won't pay for steam

Doesn't anwser the question  but okay.

Ya'll, this is the best game.

You can do a lot of things, and it's very fun.

You need to try it <3

ikr!! this is freaking awesome!!


started playing and lost hours super fun!!! maade a huge mess. filled a bucket with paint and found a bouncy ball in a present box all in all a good 3 hour play through only stopped cause my tummy is rumbly

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Beautiful, fun game.
Love that it feels like an actual paint brush, a real sponge.
It is all lovely, can't wait to see what else is in store.

I love that there are extra surprises in the game, if you look around.

I see in the trailer there is going to be tape to be able to get close paint lines. Have a hard time painting the walls or doors without having to go over it again and again, with sponge to clean the lines up.

Love the possibilities with this game.

what surprised me is you can fill a bucket with paint. also you can paint the walls and they needed painting that egg shell white bothered me lol


Hey there, just some random dude on the internet. I noticed the game isn’t the full game and it will release on Steam. I would like to know the advantages of the steam version other than the story mode. Like, is this Creative Space a sandbox and we can still upgrade the studio and stuff like that. I would appreciate it if you guys answered.

Oh and this is a great game :)


just a guess but tons more stuff? from what i can see they provide basic tools to paint a few tools you can buy on the credit store but the demo is just that a demo artists use way more tools than what is given and its a game worth buying anyways. hundreds of things could be added to this game your lack of imagination makes me think this is no the game for you.

I mean im really bad at art so

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I just tried the sandbox demo on Steam last night, then immediately upgraded to the full version. It's a wonderful, fun tool for the price point.

The full version has a story mode, but they've also included the full sandbox mode where everything, every tool is unlocked and you have no cash limit. The computer also has an app that will give you a prompt if you're stuck! The studio is fully upgraded and you can just mess around to your hearts fullest. I fully recommend getting the full version if you had fun in the demo, if you haven't already.

Secondly, DO NOT LISTEN to anyone who says you lack imagination. They sound like a real brick, my dude. You do not lack imagination, you're full of it. Creativity is the providence of everyone, and this game is a wonderful way to explore building a positive relationship with your creativity and the creative process. You deserve to participate in that.

Thank you for that wonderful comment :)


I just played it and it's so cool!!!

Already my favourite game 💕

I don't think it needs some updates,

just a quick question:

Is there any setting for the camera?

It takes kinda too long for me to turn around TvT

go into settings and scroll down till you find the mouse sensitivity option it has a different name than mouse sensitivity but i cant remember what it was called


looks cool. vr only?


No, there's no VR for now.


looks like a vr game should mention this is a mouse game im sure alot of people have skipped it thinking it was only vr lol it would make a good vr game too


Can't wait for the full release. Keep up the good work!